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Bank Products & Disbursement Options

Your Taxes Made Simple, Inc. has options available to our clients to receive their refund quickly & electronically, directly deposited into the client's bank account or by check, printed on-site in our office.



Refundo Now! is a quick and easy way to receive a loan in the amount of $500 (NOW $1000!!), which is borrowed against your refund.  Let's say that your tax professional assisted you in receiving $2,200 back from the IRS.  Well, with REFUNDO NOW!, you can receive $1,000 of your refund within 24 hours of approval, after which you would receive the remainder of $1,200 (minus fees charged by the bank for the loan) of your IRS refund by any of the traditional methods of distribution, such as direct deposit or check, which will be printed on-site, in our office.  The NOW loan is available until March 1, 2015.  We will resume the loan program at the beginning of the 2016 tax season for tax year 2015. 


The Electronic Refund Transfer (RT) is a quick and cost effective method for clients to receive money based on their federal tax refund. IRS deposits taxpayer’s refund into a temporary account with REFUNDO, our affiliated bank. Federal tax refunds are usually deposited within 8 to 15 days of IRS accepted acknowledgement. Upon IRS funding , the client's tax preparation and the bank fees are deducted from the refund and the balance is disbursed to the client via one of several disbursement methods. Funding times may vary depending on IRS processing procedures. 



Clients can request the state taxing authority to deposit their state refund to their Federal RT account at REFUNDO. Upon receipt of the state funding by REFUNDO, the state refund amount is made available to the client by the same disbursement method chosen for the federal product. Funding times vary from state to state.


Taxpayers may choose to have their bank product(s) disbursed via one of the following methods.


RT proceeds may be directly deposited into the client's checking or savings account. Funds are disbursed immediately upon IRS funding (RT). Direct Deposit will reach the client's bank account 1 to 3 business days after REFUNDO has disbursed funds.


REFUNDO will make check print authorizations available to YOUR TAXES  MADE SIMPLE, INC. upon receipt of state or federal refund. YOUR TAXES MADE SIMPLE, INC. will then print the cashiers check to make available for the client to pick up or to be sent to the address listed on the return.

PRE-PAID CARD (unavailable for the 2015 tax season, but will offer during the 2016 tax season)

The pre-paid card is a reloadable visa debit card that can be loaded with the tax refund and then used year-round. All disbursements are loaded onto the taxpayer’s card within minutes of IRS funding without requiring the taxpayer to return to our office. The taxpayer must have a valid e-mail account so that REFUNDO can send the taxpayer the account number and notices that the refund is available. The card will be provided to the taxpayer prior to IRS funding.

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