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TaxPocket our Mobile Tax App

Your Taxes Made Simple, Inc.  has a mobile app, , that can change how you get organized!  Our mobile app allows you to keep all of your expense records, no matter what the expense, mileage, tax updates, links to refund status, scheduling appointments with us, finding our office locations with google maps and much much more all in the palm of your hands from your smart phone.  Please click on the TaxPocket image above to learn more about this wonderful app that can change how you stay organized personally, professionally, or both.  Once you have downloaded the app from the App Store or Google Play, you will search for Your Taxes Made Simple and choose us as your tax professional.


Expense Tracker:  This feature allows you to take pictures of receipts and upload them into a specific transaction that you have entered into the app.  You can always enter the expense at the time of the transaction and upload the receipt later, if desired.  At the end of the year, we can download your expenses from the app so that you will not need to provide that information to us, because we will already have it!  No longer will you need to look for pieces of paper with your expense information on it or comb through bank account statements or check ledgers trying to find all of your expenses for every deductible transaction you have had trhoughout the year.

Mileage Tracker:  This feature allows you to track your mileage each time you get into your vehicle.  Depending on the OS your smart phone uses, you will be able to track your miles as you go without having to touch another button or you can just enter you mileage at the end of your trip.  If you decide to track your mileage as you go, you can pause the tracking of your mileage if you venture off course to complete a personal task, then resume the tracking of your mileage when you resume your business or charitable trip.  This feature is a lifesaver so that you don't have to write your mileage down on a piece of papaer that you losse later on or have to go back to figure your mileage because you didn't have an "official " IRS-approved mileage log at the time of your trip.

Tax Questionnaire:  This feature allows you to answer specific questions regarding a few aspects of your tax situation during the current year that will help us to figure out what we will need to do to assist you the most while preparing your tax refund.  This is not our full and comprehensive Tax Questionnaire, but this feature helps to provide us with a small snapshot of your scenario.  We may ask you to complete our comprehensive Tax Questionnaire located in our Secure and encrypted Client Portal if we need more information to assist you.

Schedule an Appointment:  This feature allows you to schedule an appointment with any of our offices from the palm of your hands.

Newsletter:  This feature provides you with relative tax information that could save you thousands of dollars and provide you with insight that could mean the difference between receiving a few dollars to hundreds of additional dollars at tax time.

Office Locations  Our office locations with maps are provided to you in this feature with hours of operation, contact information and also a link to ask a question or schedule an appointment.

Client Portal:  This feature gives you access to our secure, encrypted Client Portal where you will be able to upload your sensitive tax-related documents into your personal Client Folder to share with your tax professional to help him/her to complete your tax return.  Your tax professional will also use this Client Portal to provide you with your final tax return as well as upload any supporting documents that you provided during your in-office interview for safe keeping.

Notification Tray:  This feature allows our clients to have access to new information that we may send out to help our clients with general questions or send out as reminders about important tax-related dates or tax-related requirements.

​Social Media:  There are several mediums that Your Taxes Made Simple, Inc. uses to communicate with the community including, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN.

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